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Artist's Statement


My current work forms part of my research into a Masters of Visual Arts at The Australian National University. My focus is Bendigo’s unique heritage. Even 150 years after the Gold Rush, Bendigo’s character is still strongly tied to its history of mining. The gold rush of the mid to late 1800’s established Bendigo as a rural city. The economic power of the mining boom reshaped Bendigo, and its legacy is still evident in the city today. My work creates a narrative that responds to Bendigo’s bygone era. The objects of the mining industry together with the maps, charts and mine shaft plans, inform my work. My pieces express a sense of connection and belonging to Bendigo.

Custom made laser printer decals are used to create the imagery on the surface of the ceramic forms. This technique allows me to retain the fine lines and details that was present in the original drawings, maps and plans.

January 2017

The Australian landscape, and my interest in the sport of gliding, are both powerful influences on my current work. The views from the glider of the colours and textures in the landscape below, as well as the seasonal changes that happen throughout the year are deeply inspiring to me. The way in which we as humans interact with the landscape, and try to catalogue and reference it, is another aspect that fascinates me. Aerial charts, contour maps, photographs and localised maps are becoming more influential on how my imagery is formed.

The use of the potter’s wheel has always been my preferred production method and this has continued during the course of my current studies. I have begun to explore the potential of using print-making techniques on the ceramic surface. By using a combination of printing onto the clay forms themselves and creating custom made laser decals, I feel I am beginning to develop a coherent and considered form of imagery that reflects my ongoing development.